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at Dalai Mama Pregnancy Support Services

1616 SE Ellis Ct, Suite 2

Port Orchard, WA  98367

March 19-22, 2015

Throughout history, women have supported other women during pregnancy,  childbirth, and postpartum.  For many women today, birth can be a lonely and frightening experience, attended by strangers.  The modern remedy for this tragic situation is the ‘doula’ – a knowledgeable, experienced companion who is trained to provide emotional and physical support, encouragement and wisdom for pregnant women and their families.  


In this DoNA-approved workshop, the art of birth support and the sacredness of birth will be shared and celebrated.  Whether you are planning to work professionally as a doula, need some understanding and skills to support a friend or sister in labor, or simply want to connect with the power, magic and mystery of the birth process, this workshop will be an extraordinary journey exploring the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of womanhood, pregnancy, and birth.


The workshop will combine lecture-based learning with experiential learning, dialog, art, movement, story-telling, and ceremony.   An optional movie-night for viewing birth videos will also be offered. 


The hours for the workshop are 9am to 6pm each day.


Participants are required to read three books prior to attending the workshop.  Click here for pre-requisites.


This workshop has been approved as two steps toward certification by DONA (DONA International, the world’s premier doula organization).



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